Get the Differences between Original and Replica Watches

This world is just a fusion of the original and duplicates. Each product contains some amount of duplicity in it. Watches are one among them. Several companies develop their trademark watches and the con artists to create their replica watches.

When a customer visits the watch shop, they shows twin watches and customers are unable to identify them. Such dealers also attract the customers via various interesting offers. They ultimately succeed in their aim and grab a customer for their replicas. Modern technology has brought some feasible approach for understanding the differences between original watches and their replicas. Here are some key differences mentioned-

  • Price- Both items, original one and replica looks exactly the same, but their cost differs. The branded watches will definitely be expensive while duplicates will have less cost. The authentic watches are manufactured by certified companies while other replicas are just a result of creativity to fool the customers.
  • Logo- The genuine wrist watches have company’s emblem. If the watch is duplicate, the logo imprinted will be improper. It may have incorrect spelling, dissimilarity in style or omitted words etc. You can make use of magnifying glass for this task.

replica watches

  • Material- If the watch is replica; it will not have original material. For an example, if you buy a gold Titan watch, you know very well that Titan makes thinnest watch with minimal design. If the watch is duplicate, the material will not be of pure gold.
  • Stitching- Additionally, the stitching of the watch is not up to the mark in most cases. The frays as well as threads are not in good condition. While, in the original watches these things are in perfect condition.
  • Watchband- It is other type of component that shows dissimilarities. In the original watches, the enamel is of pure material (like leather or metal) and unblemished while in replicas, it is dull and also inflexible.
  • Packaging- It also decides the ingenuity of the watch. You should give attention to the packet. The branded watches are available with high quality bags or boxes while replicas are packed in dusty bags of low-quality and are unhygienic.
  • Mechanism- The branded watches are lot more than just time showers. Each component of watch is made with higher precision and accuracy. In fake watches, there are some functions skipped certainly.
  • Weight- Apart from above differences, weight of watch also matters. Branded watches are heavier than duplicate ones.