Maintain your razor for getting the best shaving experience

Razor is an important thing for maintaining a man’s bearded and non- bearded look. Various kinds of razors are available in the market of Australia so you can easily buy your desirable razor to maintain the professional look. Mostly, razors consist of stainless blades for making your shaving experience wonderful. You can also use cut throat razor Australia but it requires more maintenance for shaving your beard hairs smoothly. The maintenance of the straight razor is commonly categorized according the shaving process.

Maintenance of the straight razor falls into two categories-

Pre shave care – when you are going to buy a straight razor from online or offline store then you find that some razors come with proper sharpness. But, some razors do not come with sharpness so you have to strop or hone your razor. When it comes shave ready then you should not strop the razor because it can damage the edge of the blade. This razor needs to be honed 3 to 4 time every year to maintain its sharpness. You should always read the direction for using and maintain the razor for increasing its lifespan.

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Post shave care – if you do not maintain it then it will rust in the presence of moisture. You should not leave it in the wet areas. You should clean it with hot water and wipe it with dry and soft cloth. You should always remember that the razor is not wet because water is the great enemy of the razor. For protecting from the damage you can also use wax coating. Some home items like olive oil is also used for   protecting your razor from damage. After using it, you should always store the blade into the case for securing it.

What are the various tips for stropping your razor?

  • You should use the stropping method before shaving. If you strop your razor immediately then its blade can damage the material part and also penetrate the leather belt.
  • If you hone before stropping then you should use the water and soap for cleaning the razor but you should not touch the edge. Washing of the razor prevents small metal parts to struck into the strop that are responsible for future damage.
  • If you want to strop razor perfectly then you should not leave the belt bent because it can damage the belt and razor also. You should keep the belt tight for getting the best results of stropping.
  • You should maintain the movement of the blade towards the back. You should not move the blade towards the cutting edge.

If you want to avoid mistakes than you should work slowly and concentrate on it because it can also damage your razor.