Out of the box gift ideas

have you been making the same gifts to your friends every year? Even though gifts are always valued, gradually they become boring and you get tired of receiving the same cycle of things over and over.

How to make gifts more unconventional. Here are some great silly gift ideas that are both funny, unique and useful.

1- Mugs

We often make mug gifts to our friends. It’s time you made strange mug gifts. You could use specially printed prescription mugs or mugs with weird and funny messages this time.

2- Accessories

Accessories are probably the most common gifts made. Consider giving accessories with weird printed messages on T-shirts or bracelets. You could also give silly gifts like beacon bandages and sexy guy printed aprons.

3- Showpieces

The best showpiece idea is to give a friend an exercise block that reads ‘walk around me twice and you have walked two blocks’. You can use similar ideas for funny showpieces that will baffle your friends and break them into laughter every time they look at it.

4- Books

What is a book that is forgotten on the shelf? It’s time you gift a book to your beloved that can crack him right on the cover like a parody cookbook or funny life hack books.

5- Flowers

How many times have we gifted bouquets to our friends? How about adding some unconventional messages with that bunch? Isn’t it great to have a message that will stay forever even after the bunch has withered?

6- Tech accessories

You could also get tech accessories custom made with silly messages on top. Consider a mobile cover with skeleton prints or maybe ‘Despicable me’ prints teasing around.

There are many other silly gift ideas that may occur to you and no one else, so unleash your creativity. The internet too is a great source of ideas for gifts that may otherwise escape your head. Look out for ideas that will cater to the subject of the gift as well as relate to your friend or loved one in some way or the other.

Also, make sure that your messages are in line with the time and occasion of your gift. This is necessary for them to leave the appropriate impact. Gifts are precious little things that don’t do much for anyone but deliver the one message that you care. So make sure your gift is doing that, no matter what you are giving. If it can be as funny and livening as the occasion warrants that is better.

In the end, just make sure that it gets through to them.