UK Coaching Launches First Coaching Week

UK Coaching, a UK organisation that takes the lead in coaching excellence, has confirmed they will be launching the first Coaching Week in 2018. Coaching Week will run from the 4th to the 10th of June and will be a celebration of high-level coaching.

To mark the event, UK Coaching has invited people from all over the UK to share their coaching experiences and to highlight when and where they have had great coaching. To highlight what they are looking for, the organisation is working with agencies to develop a mandate called The 10 Principles of Great Coaching, and this will be aimed at defining, understanding and recognising great coaching.

A Week-Long Event

Coaching Week will be celebrated across the nation and will also serve as inspiration for those who are keen to get into coaching. UK Coaching will be working alongside national governing bodies of sport and a range of partners and will aim to provide an annual platform on which to empower both coaches and athletes and celebrate their community.

Coaching Week

The event also aims to highlight how great coaching can be an inspiration to others and the broader benefits of coaching too. It also aims to illustrate how great coaching makes a difference to people’s mental and physical well-being and the impact that a coach can have on someone’s life. Social-economic development will also be highlighted, and coaches’ roles in this area will also take centre stage.

A Thriving Industry

Over nine million adults in the UK received coaching in the past year, and whether this was basic skills training, watching sport drill videos like those available at or undergoing intensive training, every adult experienced what it was like to work with a coach in the sporting sector.

Each one of the nine million adults would have benefited in some way from coaching, and a broader definition of the word has emerged, referring to the wider benefits on society and the teaching of skills and knowledge.

UK Coaching Comments on the Event

The Director of Coaching UK, Emma Atkins, has expressed delight on the behalf of the organisation and said they are very excited to be able to launch the campaign. They want to ensure coaching is celebrated across the UK and that people are aware of how a great coaching experience can positively impact someone’s life.