Event WiFi Solutions at Corporate Events

Bandwidth is only one of the many terms event planners should be familiar with. Trying to find the right event WiFi solutions for a venue only means that the planner has to learn a completely new language. This way, both parties can settle on an understanding on how the technology will help meet all the objectives and goals of the event.

When checking every WiFi solution for events, there are three critical terms you should know as far as the function of the network is concerned:


In the most basic sense, bandwidth refers to that information that can be received and sent over online. Bandwidth comes in two categories, dedicated bandwidth and shared bandwidth. Shared bandwidth is the one used in homes. However, this type of bandwidth is not recommended for events and meetings since attendees wouldn’t want the speed of their internet to ebb and flow according to the online activities of other attendees. Planners opt for dedicated bandwidth as this isn’t shared with other people. It also gets delivered exclusively to the venue 100% of the time. It makes dedicated bandwidth more available, reliable, and dependable, not to mention that it is also easier and simpler to understand what you will get.


Every time the word bandwidth is mentioned, you also think of that box in one corner of the room that must be rebooted now and again. This box does an amazing job in homes in general and their prices are cheaper than infrastructures installed in hotels as these are only for a few devices. Planners should inquire with the venue to show them the floor plan complete with access points to know if the event WiFi solutions will be enough for the expected demand.


Things work because of the people behind them. Support comes in two tiers – external and internal. When it comes to internal support, ask if there is someone onsite who will handle the WiFi needs of the attendees. Inquire about their level of expertise and training, their working hours, who will be offsite and when the onsite group is going to escalate concerns to their counterpart offsite team.