Have you ever been somewhere new and have no idea what is going on? It could be a new country or a new business or a new restaurant or even a party where you do not even really know anyone.

Well, if you are like most people, the first thing you do is to take a look around and see what others are doing because when we are not sure of what to do or what they are doing, we subconsciously rely on other people to show us the correct actions or behavior in a given situation.

And this is the same principle that applies to your business and marketing which is why in this article we will talk about social proof and I will give you five easy ways to creating more proof into your business.

Social proof is one of the most psychologically profound consumer influencing factors something of a bit of a mouthful but basically just means it is important and could be really profitable.

In social proof helps boost conversions and increase sales. So what exactly is social proof? Well social proof involves showing your potential customers or clients how other people just like them have acted and provide them with guidance and context for how they should act as well.

This can be done through the use of testimonials, reviews, endorsements, case studies, and even building a large social media following which shows at least only on the outside and your business is something worth paying attention to.

However, do not be put off if you do not have enough or stacks of testimonials or thousands of social media reviews and endorsements because there are still ways to use leverage social proof in your business like having a social proof website for your business.

So here are some quick and easy ways to level up your social proof game so you can prove to the world that you really have something good to offer to visitors and customers.

First off, always use positive social proof. When including social proof you should always highlight the positive aspects of your business and always avoid the negative aspects. Focus on this and you will have better conversions and better sales.

Second is to use pictures. Using pictures with testimonials will surely add more visitors which might be converted into customers because of the pictures and testimonials that highlight the positive aspects of your business.

Third is to keep it relevant. Whenever you are including social proof is you always have to keep it very relevant to your business by using testimonials from your customers or using similar case studies or examples of the products or services that you offer.

Fourth is that you should always optimize or boost your social proof. If you have not managed to the point of keeping a list of happy customers, or you have not been referenced or quoted or interviewed or have not built a followers or subscribers do not be worried, you can start accumulating this beacons of social proof today and have an impressive resume of testimonials and references in the next days to come.

Lastly, come up with an easy source of social proof. It’s easy as it sounds just by asking your previous customers or clients for their testimonials and reviews about your product and service, from there you can kick start from a small base of social proof and with patience it will eventually grow and become influential attracting more clients and customers.