San Lorenzo Yachts – Special Edition of the Special Yacht

It is well know that most of San Lorenzo Yachts have their American version. Sanlorenzo Americas is customizing the yachts in order to fit the American market.

However, American clients are not the only ones who require special customization based on different sailing culture.San Lorenzo SL 96 Special Edition was designed for Chinese luxury market. This move was a hit to the bull’s eye as SL 96 is powerful competitor in Chinese waters.

San Lorenzo Yachts –From Pioneering Vision to Success

How did this Italian yacht make her way to Hong Kong? It all became possible thanks to Mr. Traugott Kampinski CEO of Sanlorenzo China Holding and also designer of the 96 feet long yacht. The Godfather of the Chinese luxury yachting brokered the deal for Sanlorenzo to enter the market in China and Hong Kong in 2013. He was experienced in Asian luxury market, but there was no yacht market back then. As he said: “But I had an idea. Now the market is sophisticated, I looked for the real design boat. Most important for me was to work with a shipyard to design the boat specifically for the Asian market.”

What Is the Special Edition Offering to Asian Clients?

What are the design touches that make this edition truly special? Firstly Sanlorenzo respects the Asian clients concern about privacy. The Chinese clients use the yacht not only for leisure, but also for business activities. They usually sail on the open water for a weekend or use the yacht during the day. The European clients on the contrary use their yachts primarily for leisure and their crew become the part of their family in some way.

San Lorenzo Yachts

The Chinese clients prefer the crew to remain unobtrusive. How does it look in practice? On this Special Edition there are crew quarters situated at the front of the lower deck, where normally could be found the guests rooms. The four crew members share two cabins, each equipped with toilet and a shower in order to be representable any time of the day.For maximum privacy there are sliding internal doors between sections of the main deck and the external doors let the crew members pass from their quarters to the kitchen, back of the boat or wheel house without being noticed by the guests on board. It is not always easy to be a crew member of the yacht; you can read more interesting facts about this position here.

What Else Exciting Can Chinese Special Edition Offer?

  • Kaminski requested to open up the space as much as possible to let the natural light in and have better views.
  • The indoor entertainment areas are all on the same level for a better comfort.
  • Large VIP room for distinguish guests.
  • Interior in light tones of European wood, leather and marble, but customizable according to owner’s personal taste.
  • Sanlorenzo China offers the crafts’ management to guarantee problem-free sailing for many years to come.

And more is yet to come as Sanlorenzo is ready to meet all his clients’ expectations. So with the SL 106 there will be possible to have two balconies, round dining table, often requested by Chinese customers, three jet skis, sauna and massaging bed or even the fish tank.

Where You Can Sail in Hong Kong?

Have you heard about famous Hong Kong Container Port? It is definitely a must-to-see item on your list. If you want to see the world’s largest and busiest port, what is a better way than doing so on the yacht? It is very interesting trip for all ages. After seeing the port you can also visit Man Wan deserted village. If it got your attention, you can read useful tips and reviews here. Have a nice trip and enjoy!