Latest Films To See This Year With Family

There are certain films that you cannot watch with your family members or inappropriate to do so. So before you start planning for your weekend or Sunday evening movie plans with your family, you should check that if the film you are willing to watch is appropriate to be watched with your family. However, suppose you have not decided on new HD movies online that are family-oriented or suitable to be watched with family. In that case, you can always go forward with AmaramAkhilamPrema. This movie was released in 2020 on the best Telugu OTT platform AHA.

 AmaramAkhilamPrema is a Telugu romantic drama produced by Vevkds Prasad and written and directed by Jonathan Edwards. This film featured actors like Vijay Ram as Amar and ShivshaktiSachdev as Akhila in the leading roles. There were important supporting roles played by actors like Naresh as Amar’s father, SrikanthIyengar as Akhila’s father, and Annapoorna as Akhila’s grandmother. The audience very well received the music, and Radhan directed it.

The film was also praised for its brilliant cinematography, which RasoolEllore handled. Some of the film’s songs have been quite popular on the radio and other digital platforms. The casting for the film had received much hype because this is the second Telugu film of popular TV actress ShivshaktiSachdev. You should watch this film if you are looking for new HD movies online that are appropriate for your family.

This film is family-oriented because, unlike other romantic films because in this film, Amar and Akhila strive to gain the acceptance of the parents. The story is centred on Akhila, who is an introverted girl extremely devoted to her father. The father, played by SrikanthIyengar, is also much attached to his daughter; however, the father-daughter relationship receives a setback when Akhila elopes with her boyfriend. But she soon understands that the guys she had eloped with are not suitable for her. She decides to come back home, but the relationship with her father has already become bitter. Her father stops talking to her, and Akhila decides to study Civil because it was what her father had wanted for her.

She decides to take coaching from her aunt’s house, and she runs into Amar, who manages a book store along with his father. It is almost like love at first sight for Amar, and soon he comes to know about Akhila’s past and how her father has stopped communicating with her. Understanding Akhila’s plight to win back her father’s love and support, Amar tries to make the relationship between Akhila and her father better. The story is mainly about Amar trying to convince Akhila’s father to warmly take her back and accept Akhila and Amar as a couple.

This film is a romantic tear-jerk drama that focuses on the concept of a family’s acceptance and support. You can watch this film on AHA if you are searching for Telugu new movies watch online that are best suited for your weekend family movie plans.