Know All Aspects of Door Hangings

Traditionally entrance of a house has auspicious value. People believe that house door makes a difference by providing comfort from all outside world. Home has the power to offer peace and comfort from all difficulties faced in the external world. Since olden days individual prefer to hang Torans at the door entrance.

Toran means door hangings. Yes, door hangings add spiritual value to the entire home. Every Indian love to decorate their house with promising ornaments. Door hangings get more importance amongst all accessories used to decorate home.  These colorful threads hold a significant value. They distinguish the borders between the external world and house. It’s time to learn about the history, importance, and different types of door hangings. Read more to get a better understanding about Torans.

Origin Of Toran

Sanskrit word ‘Torana’ means ‘pass.’  As early as Buddhist period, door hangings gained significance.  Buddhist considered Toran as a holy entrance to a place. It holds its roots from Puranas. Mango leaves got the pride of hanging as Toran on door entrance in South India. North Indians identified marigold flowers on their doors as door hangings. Marigold flowers not only make the place bright, but also give a positive energy. The science behind hanging mango leaves as Toran goes back to the release of oxygen to make the place fresh.

Importance Of Door Hangings

Door side hangings add a lot of significant cultural and decorative value.

The artistically pleasant look of the door hangings fills the place with energetic vibration. The items chosen as door hangings include some sacred worth it.

Primarily torans look appealing and welcome goddess, Lakshmi.  Indians firmly believe that goddess Lakshmi contributes to the richness and prosperity. The door hangings made from green leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Thereby impurities go away leaving the place clean and fresh. This leads to a healthy environment. The green color offers an added advantage of making the place calm and relaxing.

Torans signifies the happiness of the family. All religious functions must go with door hangings as part of the ceremony. Restore peace and harmony by hanging torans at the doorway and invite cheer at home. Always modern age prefers adding more creativity. Decorative door hangings made up of clothes, paper, and fabrics came into the picture.  Look for door toran online India to get more inspiration.

Apart from giving fresh air, positive vibration and life to your house, torans also makes you more creative in designing your accessories.

Various Varieties Of Door Hangings

Now, know about the different types of torans. Yes, mango leaves and marigold flowers still stand tall amidst of all new additions. But, you can always choose one from the various options available in the market.

Gujarathi’s and Rajasthani’s make the best torans in India. The traditional values of both places add enormous value to the door hangings.

To name a few, the beautiful glass work, bright colored embroidery designs with mirror works. Offcourse the minute designs attract customer more than the usual torans.  Door hangings made out of wood finds it way in the market. Wooden hangings get beautifully carved and artistically colored.

Certainly, you can count on torans to receive your guest with a warm welcome.